ARRIS E610 6 軸 10L 10kg UAV 農薬散布ドローンフレーム機体

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Why Choose the Agricultural Drones?
1.High Efficiency

The agricultural drone operation is faster, and the single agriculture drone machine has an operating area of 400-600 mu per day, which is 50 times that of manual work. Large-scale operations can achieve the effect of unified defense.

2.Environmental Protection
Agriculture drone operation can save water and medicine, reduce the soil pollution and waste of water resources.

3. Good Effect
Under the pressure of the wind, the atomized liquid medicine is distributed to all levels of the crop with the wind force, so that pests and germs have nowhere to hide, and thanks to rapid operations, large-scale crops can be simultaneously controlled to achieve the effect of unified control.

4. Low Cost
Rechargeable lithium battery operation, one-time investment, long-term gains. At the same time, it can save manpower, water, medicine investment and reduce plant protection costs.

ARRIS E610 6 Axis 10L UAV agriculture Spraying drone adopts integrated waterproof design body, the whole body washable, the folding method is the embracing folding method, it is quite convenient to wash and carry.
The outer diamter of the ARRIS E610 sprayer is 30mm, it does not come with motor mount, it is compatible with the stock power combo, Hobbywing X6 power combo and similar size ones.

Item Model: E610 6 Axis 10L Drone
Dignotal Wheelbase: 1400mm
Folding Size: 880 x 820 x 500mm
Tank Capacity: 10L
Spray Width: 3-5m
Weight: 6.9kg (Spraying system included)
Max Takeoff Weight: 26kg
Suggest Battery: 12S 16000mah to 30000mah Lipo
No-load flight time: 25 minutes (12s 160000mah battery)

Waterproof Body
The body is streamlined and full of science and technology.It is overall waterproof, can be washed directly with water.

10L High Capacity Water Tank
Specially designed for bigger spaying aera. For the 10L water tank, it is the most popular size in the market now.

Hidden PDB
The new distribution board adopts a separate and hidden design to isolate the power supply and signals, optimize the internal electromagnetic environment of the aircraft, and provide a larger space for flight control installation, which makes the wiring more concise.

Anti-collision Extension Nozzle
Lengthen the nozzle, and connect it with soft silicone, which can effectively prevent the nozzel from breaking when subjected to external force.

Cool taillights, Quick Tuning
Unique hexagon tail light design, with the flight controlller indicator built-in installation, waterproor and concise. There is USB data dable interface in the button,Settings can be adjusted without removing the canopy, more convenient.

Reinforced Power Plug
The main power cable exits from the side,and the battery interface is fixed on the side of the landing skid to avoid obstruction of the plug when replacing the battery. The plug connector is more secure and stronger.

Reserved equipment expansion port
There are several equipement expansion ports reserved at the side and botton of the frame. It is convenient to install RTK, water pump, radar and other extended equipment under the premise of waterproof protection.



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